Mass Run SQL Scripts

Mass Run SQL Scripts is a high performance tool for MSSQL Databases Bulk Administration with multi threading and batch execution capabilities. Developed by Systemake Corp.

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Multi Threading

Execute your scripts simultaneously against multiple databases, instances and servers, tune threads number to take the full advantage of your computing resources and speed scripts execution.

Multi Script

No limit in the number of scripts to be executed, they run sequentially against each selected database but you can arrange your scripts to be executed in preferred order without limit.

Multi Instance/Database

Unlimited number of SQL instances and databases, the system will do cycles depending on number of threads available to execute all scripts against all SQL Instances and all selected databases simultaneously.

Our Software Features

Ultra fast scripts execution using multi threading technology to run against many databases, instances and servers taking advantage of all your computing resources.

Execution by SMO library or SQLCMD command line tool.

Compatible with MSSQL Server 2016 and older versions.

Massive upload all your instances and databases or discover it on your network.

Project save functionality for later run.

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More of Our Software

Batch execution with log generation in one folder per database to make easier browse results after massive scripts execution.

A log file is generated per each script executed and per each database, named adding execution date-time.

Output console available for interactive sequential execution in case you want to execute scripts database per database.

Do you need an additional or special functionality? Please ask and we will do our best.

Our Pricing

Free full trial


30 days
  • Unlimited scripts
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited instances
  • Unlimited servers
  • Unlimited users
  • Free Setup Support

Subscription License


  • Unlimited scripts
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited instances
  • Unlimited servers
  • Unlimited users
  • Support and updates included

Download Our Software

Download our software immediately and start to run your scripts fast and massively.

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